The Fae Realms
Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 06:57PM
Hearthstone Games

Of the many existing realities that make up the otherworlds of Marchland, Arcadia is perhaps the most famous and well-traveled. It is also one of the more Earth-like for climate and geography. Distances and directions mostly conform to Rational norms, and the Fae realms have been relatively stable over the millennia. This might make travel to Arcadia sound normal, even safe. Many have foolishly believed this.

Don't be one of them.

Arcadia may seem predictable, but it isn't. It is as mercurial as the beings who in dwell there. Arcadia is a pocket universe built on intent, and Fae intent can reshape it on a whim. Always pay close attention when getting directions in Arcadia. A favorite pass time of the Fae is watching gullible mortals grow angry and frustrated as they wander in circles. The fact that those mortals may be dying of hunger or thirst has little meaning to the Fae.

Fortunately for the daring or foolish, Arcadia is stable enough to map. Below is a reproduction of the most accurate map of the Fae realms ever found. Titles have been removed from this version, but will be added later. We have simplified this map so we can focus on the basics of navigation. 

This map looks similar to Mercator maps of Earth, but there are a few key differences:



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