Errata Update
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 01:19PM
Hearthstone Games

An astute reader noticed that a couple of the sample Fae have a Scourge called Voracious Appetite, but there is no description in the body text. This is what happens when you waffle at the last minute. I had actually removed Voracious Appetite entirely because I didn't like the way I had originally written it. Unfortunately, it was left behind in the sample Boon/Scourge sidebars.

I had also planned to reintroduce it with the upcoming supplement, but why wait?

Voracious Appetite: This Fae just can't get enough to eat. He must consume at least one pound of food every four waking hours. Starting after the second missed meal, he must make a Vigor roll or gain one Fatigue level. Fatigue gained is cumulative and can only be removed by making up the missed meal(s).

So, there you have it. This Scourge is a tweak to the standard Hunger rules in the Savage Worlds rulebook. For anything not included in the description above, just use those rules.

Speaking of supplements…

There will be an update coming soon about that. There have been several (all good) changes here at Hearthstone, so I wanted to cover it all in one announcement.

And now for some free advice:

Don’t stand too close to a Fae Blooded with Bestial Rage and Voracious Appetite. You just might start to look like lunch.




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