Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, and a special thanks to the folks who played in our scheduled games. I wasn't able to run them, but my GM thought everyone had a good time.

Probably the most frequently asked question I received was "Is it on the Kindle/Nook/Droid/Windows?"

The best answer I can give is "not yet". I am currently researching tools that will allow me to publish on other platforms with the same level of interactivity as the iBook version. It looks like it's possible, but more research and testing are needed. I certainly don't want to be tied to one platform, so rest assured I am working hard to ensure that Marchland and future books are available on as many platforms as possible.

The second most frequently asked question was "what about a PDF?". For that, I have good news. The PDF is nearly done, and will be available in September.



"In local news..."

Here's a sneak-peek at the radio intro for A Fish Tale, once of the adventures included in the book. The character of Landon Biggs was performed by former DJ, game designer, and all around cool dude - Christopher Orth.



Local News


It's Alive!

Marchland is now available on the iBookstore!

Use the "Available on the iBookstore" link to the right to check it out.




YouTube Video

I've just uploaded the how-to video for the interactive content in the iBook. This video is the same one that is embedded in the iBook itself, and serves as a great example of why I chose the iBook format for the initial release.

Click the movie below, or use the link on our front page.



DnD is coming!

No, not that DnD. I'm talking about drag-and-drop. When Marchland launches, the enemy tokens on the maps will be static - but not for long. Today I ran the first successful test of drag-and-drop for the interactive adventures. There will need to be some minor, but necessary changes to the way the NPC stat cards are presented, but I think everyone will agree that it's worth it.

An iBook is essentially an app, and like any software that introduces last minute additions, it's best to wait for a stable release before making changes. However, I will update it as soon as possible afterward.

Only one week till launch!

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