Design Notes: Fae Blooded

One of the most important aspects of Marchland (at least to me) was the inclusion of the Fae Composer and Spirit Forge. These character building tools allow players to create a wide array of Fae Blooded or Revenant characters.

It's important because I wanted to create a unified mythology where different supernatural characters could play together in a balanced environment. It was my goal to create a system that didn't feel "tacked on" to Savage Worlds. Whether or not I succeeded will be up to you.

Creating this system wasn't an overnight process either. The Fae Composer in the book is actually the third iteration of this concept.

Iteration 1: Super Fae

I originally started with the super power rules from Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition. What I got from that was a group of characters so powerful I was scrambling to give them reasonable challenges. It was from the super powers that many of the Boons and Scourges get their names, though they are functionally different.

Iteration 2: Edgy Fae

To scale back the power level of the PCs, I next looked at using Edges and Hindrances. From a balance perspective, this method was much better, but it didn't have the thematic feel I wanted. To emulate the urban fantasy I enjoy most (DeLint, Gaiman, Black), I needed something appropriately themed, but not overpowered. Boons and Scourges needed to work in such a way as to create PCs that were unique without being wholly separated from mortals.

Iteration 3: All of the above

I found the answer in combining elements of super powers, Edges, Hindrances, and monstrous abilities. This method is (shockingly) similar to the Faeborn in the Clockworks setting. So similar in fact, that I thought of changing the names of several Boons and Scourges. In the end, I decided to keep them as they were. Most were named after monstrous abilities and super powers anyway.

With the Fae Composer complete, I set my mind on the Spirit Forge. I always wanted to have Revenant characters in the setting. My goal with Revenants was to keep them balanced with the Fae Blooded, while having their own unique set of abilities.

I hope you enjoy using the Fae Composer and Spirit Forge as much as I enjoyed creating them.



Wow, that was fast!

It appears that Marchland is ready for sale in the 23 countries I selected. I will select more countries now that Apple has kindly introduced* a currency translator. That's less than 24 hours for approval.

Marchland will go on sale August 9th.



*Introduced 12 hours after I painstakingly translated all 23 currencies myself [sigh]. Ah well, at least it will be easier next time.


It's all in Apple's hands now...

Marchland was uploaded to Apple about two minutes ago. Now, we wait...

Apple's approval process is a total black box, so I have no idea how long this process will take. Searching the forums, it seems that approval times are now in days (down from weeks), so I'm hopeful.

I'm shooting for a release date of August 9th. That's the day before Dragonflight opens.

I'll post here again when I hear anything.

Now to reformat for PDF and print.



Sooooo Close

We're just finishing up with the last few details, and then it's off to Apple...and wait. Fortunately, the approval times have been getting steadily shorter. Some publishers have reported approvals within 48 hours. I hope we have as much luck.



If you live in the greater Seattle Area, come visit us at Dragonflight 33, August 10-12. We will have a vendor table and be running a Marchland game every day of the convention. If you want to sign up, look for the following games hosted by Hearthstone Games:

  • "Switch-A-Roo" Friday: 4:30 - 9:00 PM
  • "A Favourable Verse" Saturday: 2:00 - 6:30 PM
  • "Spring Cleaning" Sunday: 2:00 - 6:00 PM

You can find more information in the convention game schedule HERE.

If you've never heard of Dragonflight, check it out HERE. It is (I believe) the longest running game convention in the Seattle area.

Hope to see you there!