Why an iBook?

Well, here's an example.  One of the coolest features of iBooks is the ability to add HTML5 Widgets right in a page. We use the capability for several things, but below is an example of my personal favorite - interactive maps.  This is just a preview version.  The final version will allow you to drill down to individual locations, all hyperlinked within the maps themselves.

Please note that Firefox does not support all of the features we use, so map transitions may look odd in that browser. Also, the map images are quite large, so it may take a few seconds to load the main map.

We'll be adding these very same widgets to the website, so those who use the PDF version can have all of the features available in the iPad version.


iBooks and PDF

Our goal is to first publish Marchland as an iBook for the Apple iPad.  iBooks offer us several advantages over traditional print books.  Among the feature you will see are:


  • Interactive Maps
  • Video introductions
  • Audio clips
  • Additional interactive content (NPC bios, floorplans, and more)
  • Updated content (always free)



After the iBook launch, Marchland will be re-formatted as a PDF eBook.  Of course, the PDF will not contain all the interative goodies available in the iBook. But, we will provide as much of that content as possible, right here on this site.


New Art

Nathan has been busy lately.  Here is his latest piece.



New Home

Marchland has a new home on the web.  All new material (art, writing, etc) will be posted to this blog.  Also look at our Projects pages to find the latest goodies.

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